Monty's Book Of Why: "Why Are School Buses Yellow?"

{}{}{} It was American astronomer and author Carl Sagan who said, {}"there is no such thing as a dumb question," and that's the idea behind Monty's Book Of Why.

{}{}{} You wonder, you ask, and we find an answer for you.

{}{}{}{}{}A KMPH viewer wrote in to ask, "Why are school buses yellow?"

{}{}{}{} It turns out, there is a very good reason for that and it all started nearly 75 years ago with a nationwide survey of experts.

{}{}{}{} "They started out yellow in 1939," says Fresno Unified School District's Transportation Manager, Reggie Ruben.

{}{}{}{}{} "A doctor from a university, Dr. Frank Cyr, he formulated a group in New York and they came up with people in transportation in 48 states to come up with a school bus color, which they came up with national school bus yellow."

{}{}{}{} They chose that color, Ruben says, for a very good reason.

{}{}{}{} "The reason they picked that color is because it was more visible during the early morning hours when we travel to schools.{} With the black letters it made it highly visible. {}With some cases as far as{} weather, things of that nature, people can see the yellow colors."

{}{}{}{} And it was such a good idea, and color, Ruben says, that you can now see it on every school bus from coast to coast.

{}{}{}{} "Throughout the country. That's why it's "National School Bus Yellow. {}That's the name of the color."

{}{}{}{} So now you know.

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