Monty's Book Of Why: Braille At Driveup ATM's

{}{}{} You see them at every automatic teller machine, those series of little "bumps" near the keypad.

{}{}{}{} That's Braille, the writing system for the visually impaired and blind.

{}{}{}{} But, why do banks and credit unions have Braille at drive up ATMs?

{}{}{}{} It turns out, there is a very good reason for that.

{}{}{}{} "We do. We do. We offer the Braille option for those who cannot see and need to utilize that," says Keri Bennitt, Vice President of Marketing and membership for Fresno County Federal Credit Union.

{}{}{} "One of the things, of course, we tell people is do not give anybody else your PIN number. So by having this option, the person who can utilize the ATM, they can do their transaction. They don't need someone else to do it for them. They are not sharing their personal financial information therefore maintaining their privacy.{} The person who is unable to see would not be driving but they would be behind the driver so the driver would then pull forward and allow that member to use the ATM and conduct their own financial transactions.

{}{}{}{} Ms. Bennitt also pointed out that it is a federal requirement that banks and credit unions provide Braille at their ATMs for their visually impaired customers and members.

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