Money Gone So Lights To Stay Out In Fresno

If the lights on your street are out due to copper wire theft, good luck.

The city of Fresno says it will now take a year to sixteen months to get them back on again.

City officials say they had been getting a handle on the problem ever since they started cementing access boxes closed, but after spending more than a million dollars doing that the money has now run out.

Meanwhile, residents now living on dark city streets due to copper wire theft say they're angry and scared.

"It's really dark," laments Shelly Meachum. "It's very dangerous. I have two kids that live here and it's really dark."

Neighbor Darlene George, agrees. "I called in because the last six lights we had on the south side of McKinley were taken last night. It's an every night thing. I mean, even though they're off they're still pulling the wires," she said.

In addition to crime, homeowners say they're also worried about the increased likelihood of car accidents on their streets.

City officials say they have to wait until an insurance claim is paid off before they can get the additional funds they need to continue repairs.