Mom Saves Baby From Crash; Car Plows Into Crowd of Churchgoers

A South Valley toddler is safe, after her mother pushed her out of the way of a moving car, which plowed into a crowd of churchgoers.

The crash happened early Wednesday morning outside of a church in Goshen.

Five people who were taking part in a Catholic tradition were hit and rushed to the hospital.

About 50 people were marching down Juniper Road in front of St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Goshen when the crash happened.

What's ironic is their march usually goes down Avenue 308, but this year marchers decided to change things up because they felt there was too much traffic, and Juniper Road would've been safer.

Unfortunately there are no street lights on the road.

CHP says it's likely that the driver, who hit the crowd from the back of the procession, didn't see them until it was too late.

"All I remember was people screaming real loud. I got scared because I have never heard that in my life," said Edgar Sanchez, who was part of the candlelight procession.

"This woman she pushed her baby...she got hit instead of her baby," said Sanchez.

Witnesses say the mom wound up underneath the wheel of the car. Her 3-year-old daughter got away with cuts and bruises.

"She was basically swollen from her face, her side face," said Juan Hernandez, who was among those who tried to help.

"My mind was going nuts. I didn't know what to do. It was hard to help out because everyone was in shock," said Hernandez.

Three other men were also run over.

All five were taken to a nearby hospital and are expected to be all right.

Catholics in the community are turning to their faith and thanking God that no one was badly hurt.

"I pray in the morning at my service, and I pray for the people to God," said Deacon Julian Ponce.

As for the mother who shielded her baby from the hit - she should be able to go home to her daughter soon.

Even those who weren't hurt say, it'll take time for them to recover from the shock as well.

"I'll never forget it, probably not even be able to sleep," said Joanha Mendoza, who was part of the procession.

The driver did stop and talk to cops.

The CHP says it does not look like alcohol or drugs played a part in the crash.