Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: A New Clue May Help Find The Plane

UPDATE: Malaysian Aviation Chief says no debris has been found in the spot shown by China's{}satellite images.

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The mystery surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues to grow. The Boeing 777 still hasn't been found but there is a new clue.

Satellite images released by the Chinese Government might show the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. The images show 3 floating objects, ranging in size from 43 by 59 feet to 79 by 69 feet. The Chinese Government says the images were taken on March 9th, the day after the plane disappeared.

The debris captured by the Chinese satellite was found in-between Malaysia and Vietnam. The area is southeast of where the plane was once believed to have changed course.

Investigators are still trying to figure out why the plane, with 239 people aboard, went down. They searched the home of the pilot for possible clues, questioned a friend of the two Iranian men who were traveling with stolen passports and checked radar data to find out what the plane did after its transponders stopped sending signals

The final recorded words between the plane's pilots and air traffic control were also released Wednesday. They said "Alright, Goodnight." Something investigators say isn't suspicious.