MISSING: Fresno Family's Christmas Decorations Stolen

Have you seen Woody, Buzz Light Year and the rest of the "Toy Story" gang? They're missing from a Fresno front yard where they were being used as Christmas decorations.

"She loves the movies, she watches them all the time, she has the little stuffed dolls and she's just really attached to them," says Barbara Rodriguez.

Daniel Rodriguez built 7 life size cut outs of the "Toy Story" characters for his 2-year old daughter's birthday party. To celebrate Christmas the family put Santa hats on the Buzz, Woody, Slinky Dog, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and the Aliens. Then the family displayed them in the front yard. However, early Friday morning someone stole them.

"She started crying," adds Rodriguez, "She said bye Buzz and then she started crying."

Rodriguez says the thieves took almost all of their Christmas decorations. All the bad guys left were a string of lights and a piece of wood that used to hold the Slinky Dog.

"How could somebody do that? They were just cut outs and I don't know why somebody would want to steal cut outs," says Daniel Rodriguez.

So, who took the Christmas decorations? It may have been the "Grinch". He's missing too, because the bad guys also took the family's "Grinch" cut out.

"I was angry, but it hurt me more that they could just take something off of someone's property and think that it's okay without even thinking twice who they're hurting. In this case it was our children," adds Barbara Rodriguez.

Rodriguez also tell KMPH Fox 26 she thinks the thieves may have been planning to steal the cut outs for awhile, because they're life size and the bad guys would have needed a truck to steal all seven of them.