Missing Cell Phone Has Pictures Of Kingsburg Man's Son Who Passed Away

A Kingsburg dad says he's desperate to find his lost cell phone because it has pictures of his son who passed away.

"My heart dropped," says Victor Dominguez who lost his cell phone, "I couldn't believe what had happened. Those pictures mean more than anything, there's a picture of my child at the time that we lost him, and I can't get that back."

Dominguez says he was in the emergency room at a Selma hospital when he accidentally left his cell phone in between the sheets of the hospital bed. He says he didn't realize he was missing the phone until a few hours after he left the hospital.

"We went to lunch and I could not find it. The phone is always strapped to me and I never forget it," adds Dominguez, "I started looking for it and when we got home, we realized that it was really missing."

Dominguez tells KMPH Fox 26 News that he remembered he has Google Tracker on the phone. He tracked his cell phone and discovered it went from Selma to Hanford to Fresno. In Fresno it pinged at a house, then at a company that cleans hospital linens, and then back at the house.

Dominguez says he called the linen company to see if an employee turned it in.

"At this point they're my only hope."

'Angelica Corporation' said in a statement, "We are still looking for the cell phone and we don't know who has it. The address Victor Dominguez provided does not match any of our employees home addresses."

Dominguez hopes they can track the phone down or it gets returned, so he can have the only pictures he will ever have of his son.

"I am definitely going to try my hardest to get it back from whoever has it," says Dominguez.

The missing phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4, the cell phone cover is a black Otterbox with blue trim. Dominguez did deactivate the phone, so it does not work anymore.

If you know who might have the phone, please call the Selma Police Department at 559-896-2525.