MISSING - A Four Foot Lizard Disappears In Northwest Fresno

A beloved pet is missing without a trace in Northwest Fresno and the large lizard's owner is worried that someone might have stolen him.

Westley is a 4 foot long tegu lizard that has been missing since Saturday. {}The lizard's owner is worried that if someone sees Westley they'll get scared.

"If he's out roaming around he will not attack your pets," says Westley's Owner Courtney Thon, "He's not a danger at all."

Thon says on Saturday she found Westley's mate Buttercup hiding and Westley was nowhere to be found. What makes Thon worry is that Westley only has 2 toes, so he can't dig or climb. She adds the gate to the backyard was closed, so he couldn't just walk out.

"He's really a loved family pet, a member of our family and we're heartbroken," adds Thon.

Thon says buttercup is also heartbroken, because she misses her mate.

"She's wandering around looking for him," says Thon, "They cuddle up, sleep together and follow each other. They are very much a mated pair."

Thon has a message for whoever has her scaly puppy.

"He's our family, I love him to death and we want him back," Thon says.

If you have seen Westley or know who has the lizard you can email Courtney Thon at

The family is offering a reward for the return of Westley.