Missing! A 150-Pound Tortoise Is Stolen In Porterville

Missing! A 150-pound tortoise has been stolen from its owner's yard and the search is on to find him.

"It's really sad," says the tortoises' owner, Natalie Tacherra, "We've had them a long time."

Mordecai the tortoise has been through a lot over the past 9 days. His owner says he was stolen.

"You realize they didn't just run away and that something happened and you start fearing the worst," says Tacherra.

Then people who knew where he was wouldn't share the information, because they wanted money.

Tacherra says they told her, "How much would you be willing to pay? What is the reward, how much are willing to pay?"

A neighbor negotiated with the people and Mordecai was returned. However, he's still sad. He misses his friend Bowser who was also stolen.

"He'll go into the hole that they used to share and he'll make this little squeaky sound," says Tacherra, "It's like he's looking for his buddy."

To bring Mordecai's friend back volunteers have been posting and handing out missing posters. They're looking for any information that can bring Bowser home.

"We can't find him," adds Tacherra, "Nobody has seen him and it's frustrating."

However, what makes the tale of the missing tortoise worse is Bowser was stolen while his owner was undergoing surgery. Tacherra says all she wants is her pet tortoise back.

"We miss him, the kids miss him, his little friend misses him," she says, "We just would like to see him come home."

Tacherra says Bowser is on medication and he also has to eat around 150-pounds of food a day. If you have information about Bowser, click here to contact his owner.