Miracle? Sign From God? Liquid Flows From Church Trees

Is it a sign from a higher power?

Some say yes.

A row of trees along Saint John's Cathedral in downtown Fresno appear to be raining, droplets of liquid are flowing off the branches.

Maria Ybarra says she first witnessed it, while praying with a woman under it.

Ybarra says, "Then she said oh my gosh, I hadn't feel so good before when the water was hitting me it changed me I feel peace. I said to her the Lord be with you. The Lord said peace be with you, peace I give you."

Ybarra and others believe it is a sign from God.

Janine Esquivel-Oji says, "They can say it's this theory, that theory, the tree does this every year but it's odd when it happens. When there is bunch of people praying. When you are asking the Holy Spirit to reveal itself and then it happens all of a sudden and it's still here."

Some brought their kids to witness what they are calling a miracle.

Jenny Estevez says, "I'm like let's go! You guys can take a look for yourselves and then you can decide. When you there, you can decide if the tree got wet."

So, what does her son, Victor think?

Victor says, "It looks like a real miracle."

One entomologist has a theory. Richard Coviello believes the liquid is honey dew. He says it's a secretion from the insect known as the aphid.

Entomologist Richard Coviello says, "Crape Myrtle trees as a generality can get really high populations of crape myrtle aphids. At times it can look so bad that it looks like the tree is raining out of it with all the honey dew dripping down."

Ybarra says she is not buying it, and her faith is strong.

Ybarra says, "I know its coming from God, and ye of little faith will not reach the kingdom of God."

Leaders at Saint John's Cathedral did not want to go on camera.

However, they said it happens every year about this time.

One parishioner says he does not think it's a sign from God. However, in the same breath said, if it helps bring people closer to God and strengthens their faith, then maybe 'that' is the true miracle.