Microchip Reunites Chihuahua with Family After Four Years

Life is sweet these days for Rachel Cruz and her familynow that they have been reunited with their four-legged friend, after a four-year-long ordeal.

"It's got her nose, her head, her stripe on her back. It's her!" says Rachel Cruz.

The family got KeyKey, the Teacup Chihuahua five years ago, after the death of Cruz's father.

The pup quickly became her mom's sidekick.

"It helped her, it was her bed partner. As soon as she'd get in bed, lift the covers and KeyKey would jump in. that kept my mom going," says Cruz.

KeyKey would also go on family trips, but stayed behind one May afternoon in 2010.

The family believes someone took her, from the front porch.

"It hurt me," says Eleanor Cruz, Rachel's mother.

Fast forward to last week.

Sarah Chambless at Second Chance Animal Shelter in Selma was checking-in the pup.

"She was taken to a local groomer, as a stray, we assume. And they brought her into us," Chambless says.

Chambless ran a wand through KeyKey's back, and got a hit.

The microchip showed the pup had a family, and Chambless then called Cruz.

"I thought it must be a wrong call," says Cruz.

"She was second guessing what I was saying," says Chambless.

"I kept thinking, okay, but that's five years ago. Maybe it's a wrong number. It's been too long," Cruz says.

The ladies met an hour later at the shelter.

KeyKey was brought home Sunday afternoon.

"She's older now," says Cruz. "She's probably wondering, look at me? Look at you, you're older too! What are you talking about?"

"We want this, we want dogs reunited with their owners. Living in a shelter is no life for a dog," says Chambless.

Second Chance Animal Shelter in Selma only charges $15 to microchip a dog.

People can have their pets microchipped any time during business hours - or you can call to make an appointment at (559) 896-7227.

Right now, the shelter is also raising money to buy two additional microchip scanners-- around $400.

VIP Pet Care also provides low-cost microchipping, for $10, at veterinary offices across the Central Valley.

To find the clinic nearest your home, you can click here.