Mexican President Faces Protest! People Want Marine Freed

Veterans and others sent a strong message to the President of Mexico visiting Sacramento.They want to get our U.S. Marine out of a mexican jail!More than a 150 people took the streets outside Sacramento's Leland Stanford Mansion, where Governor Jerry Brown hosted a luncheon honoring the leader to the south.Vietnam War veteran Dave Ramsey made the trip to Sacramento because he says President Enrique Pea Nieto needs to hear the people of America.Ramsey says, "Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi served three tours in Afghanistan and he came out here for treatment, got on the freeway and made the wrong turn. Next thing you know he's in Mexico held for no reason."Tuesday marked the 148th day of the Marine's imprisonment in a Tijuana jail.State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, was one of at least 3 Republicans who rejected the invitation.He says, "Every single day that Andrew spends in jail is disgraceful. Governor Brown has let criminals out with his early release program. Serious criminals in California will serve less time than Sgt. Tahmooressi served and he's not a criminal."On March 31st, Mexican police arrested the 25-year-old after inspectors said they found more than 400 rounds of ammunition, an AR-15 rifle, and a .45 caliber pistol.Sgt. Tahmooressi who'd just moved to San Diego to get help with PTSD says he took a wrong turn and ended up at the border.Although Mexican officials have stated that the case against Tahmooressi will be decided in the judicial system and not by political pressure from the United States. Protestors say they will let no man be left behind.During the luncheon neither Governor Brown nor President Pea Nieto talked about the protesters, or even addressed the Tahmooressi case.They also wouldn't take any questions from the media.So, KMPH FOX 26 called the governor's office and asked for a response to the protest.At this point, we haven't heard back.