Meth Lab Explosion, Man Burned Over 70% Of Body

West Fresno residents are in shock after a massive explosion from a meth lab catches several homes on fire, and blows out windows in the area.

The explosion happened at a home on Katy Avenue, near Ashlan and the 99 Freeway around noon Thursday.

Crews rushed a man to the hospital with burns so severe witnesses say his skin was melting off his body.

The explosion moved the house several feet off its foundation.

Police say the crooks moved in about a month ago, and now it could take several months before neighbors move back in to their homes.

Johnny Paredes, his wife and two kids were inside their home when their neighbor's house suddenly exploded.

Johnny Paredes says, "I just heard a big explosion and all the windows shattered and came in, and then I noticed there was fire right outside my house, and got the kids and wife out."

Johnny was just thankful no one was in the kitchen.

But the family's dog did get some cuts to its paws.

As for the house the meth was being cooked in?

Special Agent Dan Bufford says, "I've never seen one this size, 26 years in narcotic enforcement. You can see the magnitude by the garage door, how much pressure was inside that house when it blew."

Now the real investigation work is underway, because there is so much damage. Authorities tell me it will take them into the morning hours just to process the scene for evidence.

The house must be bulldozed and leveled, but neighbors are concerned about the meth waste that may be in the ground.