Bold Blond Thief Steals Metal Bird In Hanford

A Hanford homeowner is hoping someone recognizes the picture of a woman who stole his metal flamingo out of his front yard{}on Wednesday night.{} The bold bandit had no idea that Nathan Olson's security camera was rolling when she hopped out of a white pickup and strolled up the sidewalk and took the piece of lawn art.{}

"Oh yeah then when I looked back it was just ridiculous.{} She sat there and all the lights come on.{} She's just as pretty as you please like she's out there window shopping," Olson said.

Olson gave a copy of the surveillance video to Hanford Police.{} An officer told him that the woman on the video was a person they hadn't seen before stealing things out of people's yards.

The metal flamingo is only worth about $40 but Olson says he hopes{}circulating her picture will help stop her from hitting other yards in Hanford.

If you recognize the woman contact Hanford Police at (559) 585-2535{}