Merced Man Arrested For Stealing Cremation Urns

It's a{}ghoulish crime, that took place two months ago at a Merced cemetery.{}In May{}two thieves broke into Evergreen Memorial Cemetery in Merced{}and stole eleven urns.{}{}Police say they wanted the urns so they could recycle the metal.

On Friday{}58 year old Richard Madsen{}was taken{}into custody. {} Police say he confessed to the crime.{} Meantime an arrest warrant has also been issued for 55 year old Marc Reid.

Lt. Tom Trindad is spokesperson for the Merced Police Department.{}{}"The fact that they disturbed somebody's final resting place and upset all these families that's the thing that you can't put a price on."

After stealing the urns from the cemetery police say the thieves carelessly discarded the remains into a garbage can.{} Madsen now faces three felony charges. {} Grand theft, possession of stolen property and removing remains that have been interned in a cemetery.

Lt. Trindad says it is a first for Merced. "It's unique in the fact that most people honor the sacred area of the cemetery. {} Usually they do not get disturbed. {} It's rare for that to occur."

But it did happen for no more than fifty pounds of scrap metal.{}{}If you have any information on this case you are asked to call the Merced police tipster line at 209-385-4725.