Mendota Family Inconsolable After Crash Kills Loved Ones

A Mendota family is inconsolable after the loss of three family members, in a crash that killed four people Sunday afternoon.

Filiberto Enriquez sat outside his home Monday afternoon.

He is the father of 10-year-old Lizandro, and 7-year-old Danny.

The two boys, and their aunt were killed in the crash that California Highway Patrol officers say, was likely caused by a drunk driver.

Enriquez says, "I want him to pay for taking my sons."

Enriquez says his wife, sons, and sister-in-law were on their way home after shopping for school clothes, when they crashed.

Officers say the driver of a blue Mercedes SUV was passing cars, and stayed in the westbound lanes.

The children's mother swerved her Kia to avoid the SUV, when the SUV driver also turned anbroad sideded her car.

Juan Enriquez, the children's cousin, says people at the scene called his uncle.

"He rushed over, and was able to hold his youngest son one last time. but, he was already gone," he says.

The children's aunt, Belkys Quezada, was also killed in the crash.

She was engaged, and planned to marry in September.

Her fianc, Jaime Escalante, says, "We had plans. We were buying the stuff we needed. We already had our wedding bands."

The family says it's hard to fathom how things can change so quickly.

Just Saturday, the family had gathered for Danny's birthday.

Cousin Santos Enriquez says, "They were so happy, for something like this to happen the next day."

He says he visited the children's mother in the hospital Monday morning.

"She's torn," he says. "She wishes she had died. She lost her two babies, her boys, she struggled so much to have kids then, to lose her sister, too."

A memorial is now at the site of the crash.

Officers say 37-year-old Sinoeun Uong, who was in the Mercedes SUV, was also killed.

The driver of the SUV, 43-year-old Rien Ban, is now under arrest, accused of Felony Driving Under the Influence.

Officers say he has at least one prior DUI arrest.

Escalante says, "If people want to drink, do it at home. Don't drive, so that someone else can pay the price."

The Enriquez family will need help with funeral costs.

It{}plans to bury the young brothers in Mendota, and send their aunt's body to El Salvador.

If you'd like to help, you can make a donation at any WestAmerica Branch, Account Number 0629893272.