Deadly July 4th: Two Men Drown At Yosemite Lake

A trip to the lake turned deadly for two men in the north valley.

Members of the Merced County Sheriff's dive team searched the floor of Yosemite Lake Recreation Park in Merced for nearly a half hour, before they located the bodies of two men.

Deputies say the men, one in his 40's from Merced and another in his 20's from Fresno jumped off the pier into the water and started making their way back to the shore.

Deputies say the man in his twenties nearly made it to the shore when he looked back and saw his friend having trouble swimming that is when he turned around and tried to save him.

However, they both drowned.

Vincent Flores tried to the save the men. Vincent says, "I was way back there and I started hearing screaming and people started to rush towards the water. I heard it was kids so I ran down towards the shore. I tried to dive as deep as I could but I could not see anything. I could only see where my hands were."

Despite the drowning, many continue their Fourth of July festivities but some questioned why there are not any lifeguards

Carlos Leal says, "We should have lifeguards out here. Everybody pays 6 dollars to get in here. In the first place, there are 3 empty spots right here."

Park officials say they have not had lifeguard in that spot for at least 5 years, but they do warn visitors every time they enter the park.