Memphis Belle Takes To Fresno Skies With WWII Vet Along For Ride

The crew of one of the most famous World War II era bombers on Tuesday took flight in Fresno and brought along a veteran of that war for the ride.

"It's been 69 years since I've been on one," said Rudy Giannoni, who got the chance to relive his war experience aboard the Memphis Belle during its first ever tour of the West Coast.

Giannoni flew seven missions while in WWII and was shot down in one of them, he said.

Giannoni's granddaughter, Kim Burney, was also along for the ride.

Burney said she was moved to tears to be on the B-17 bomber.

"It's an opportunity to just live history," she said."The sights, the smells, the wind, the rattling and the noise; it's an amazing experience."

There are seven other B-17 bombers in the United States that can still fly

The Memphis Belle will be at the Fresno Yosemite Airport on Sunday,{} April 14 where it will be available to the public for flights and ground tours.