Measure G Signs Stolen; For And Against Cry Foul

The battle over who picks up your trash is heating up in the city of Fresno.

Measure G, which seeks Fresno voter's approval to privatize the city's residential trash pickup, is causing people on both sides of the measure to cry foul, both sides are claiming signs are being stolen out of people's yards.

Both sides say they do not condone the action and want it to stop.

Carey DeLuca had his yes on Measure G sign stolen. He says, "We came back from running errands in the morning or afternoon and lo and behold the sign was gone."

Jimmy Martinez had his no on Measure G sign stolen. He says, "Everyone should have their opinions, and no body should be destroying any signs. It's up to the voters to decide how they want to vote and not for people to influence anyone in any form or fashion."

Whatever side of the measure you are on both sides told me they want this election to be about the issues and not about destroying people's property.