Measure G - KMPH & KMJ Meeting Heats Up

With less than 2 weeks to go until the special election that will decide on who will pick up your trash, a private company or a Fresno city employee.

Those for and against Fresno's Measure G attended a special round table discussion at our KMPH News studios.

It began with opening statements, with yes on Measure G spokeswoman Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin talking about the cost savings, and no on Measure G spokeswoman Former Fresno County Supervisor Susan Anderson firing back.

Mayor Swearengin says, "Rates drop nearly 18 percent on the adoption of Measure G and they stay low through the life of the contract. They can only increase through cap amounts that are specified in our contract."

Susan Anderson says, "This is the contract without the attachments, there are 11 pages, pages 61 through 72 explain how the rates can be adjusted. There is also a section in here where the legal costs can be included under special rate review."

If Measure G passes, and the city sells off its trucks what happens if Mid-Valley is in breach of contract?

Mayor Swearengin says, "If the hauler is found in breach for any reason the city can take back over the trucks and operate the business over a period of time. We know there are 12 private companies alone in Fresno that provide this service, we know it's a competitive market should there be any problem what so ever."

Susan Anderson says, "This is an example of why the contract does not protect the people. Page 21 if the contractor fails the city has to go in and take over they actually have to pay the contractor to use the trucks, 200 dollars a day to use the trucks. These are our trucks that they got for pennies on the dollar."

If you still have not made up your mind about Measure G and would like to read the pros and cons just go to the new links section of our website.

You will find both for and against on the measure. Remember to vote in the June 4th special election.