McLane Senior QB Moua Takes 'Unique' To New Level

Sometimes, even a word that is powerful by definition doesn't do an individual justice. Like 'unique,' which is supposed to mean one of a kind, unlike anything else. McLane high school's senior quarterback this past football season, Brandon Moua, is unique - but that's far too simple a description.

Moua, who played slot receiver as a junior, was thrust into the leadership role as a senior, standing just 5'6" or 5'7." He promptly won North Yosemite Offensive Player of the Year honors, falling just short of leading his team to the league title.

But what truly makes Moua stand out is the fact that he sang the national anthem moments before kickoff at two of the Highlanders' games. He also had the lead role in the school play last Spring, and more recently, the lead solo at the school Christmas concert.