Marijuana-Laced Treats: 7th Grader In Trouble With Law

A Madera 7th-grade student is in trouble with the law after bringing rice crispy treats laced with marijuana to school.

Madera Unified School District officials had no comment on the issue Thursday. But, several students at Desmond Middle School say the 7th grader handed out the treats to students after lunch.

When one of the students became ill, he went to the office and that is what started the investigation.

Parents say they were shocked to hear the news. And many now say they plan to talk with their kids about the dangers of drugs.

"We've had a couple of talks here and junior high is about feeling it out. We are getting ready for high school, it's crazy," Angelo Feliu said.

Madera County Sheriff John Anderson says that there is a drug problem in the county, and that includes children.{}

And this isn't the first incident.

Since January, deputies have responded to 15 calls regarding students with drugs.

In March, a 15-year old student at{} Eastin Arcola School admitted to selling marijuana-laced rice crispy treats on campus. In the same month, an 11-year old was caught with marijuana.

This latest incident is the third for Desmond Middle School this year.

Some students say it should be the last.

Madera County deputies will continue their investigation to determine if the student made the treats by himself or had help.