Man With Knife On School Campus Arrested

Fresno police say a man armed with a large hunting knife walked onto a middle school campus in Fresno and disrupted a girl's volleyball practice.

The incident took place around 7 Wednesday night at Tenaya Middle School near the corner of Fruit and Bullard.

Police say the man was asked to leave by parents of a Fresno girl's volleyball practice.

Police say the man then threatened the parents as if he had a gun, everyone backed off and called police.

Lt. Mike Doyle says, "When the individual started walking off he got about 30 to 40 feet away and turned and formed a stance like he had a gun. A shooting stance as everyone is describing it."

Police found the man just a few blocks away from Tenaya middle school.

Police say no gun was found, but police did discover a pipe and large hunting knife with a bone handle concealed under his coat.

Police say the man did admit he threatened the parents, not with a gun, but with his harmonic.

He was arrested for having a knife on campus.