Man With Golf Club No Match For Deputy With Gun

A Kings County man who swung a golf club at deputies is dead, after one deputy opened fire.

The shooting happened just before noon Saturday, inside a home on Kansas Avenue, south of Hanford.

A man at the home called for help - saying his brother was swinging a golf club wildly around the house, breaking things and threatening to hurt him.

The Kings County sheriff says, deputies tried to calm the man down and negotiate with him.

As they were going into the home the sheriff says, the man swung at them with the golf club and as deputies started to back up, the man charged at them.

One deputy opened fire, shooting the man twice.

"They did have less lethal options, they had a canine on scene, they had bean bag rounds, they had tasers available. Unfortunately in this incident particularly, as they were trying to get set up for those things, the subject charged at the deputy with the golf club, and had no other choice," said Dave Robinson, Kings County Sheriff.

The man dropped the golf club, but kept going.

Deputies struggled with the man but eventually got a handle on him.

He was taken to a hospital in Hanford, where he died.

Deputies say they know the family who lives at the home - they've been called to this home several times over the past 20 years to break up family fights.

The deputy who shot the man is a 10-year veteran with the Kings County Sheriff's department, and is on paid administrative leave.