Man Who Found & Returned $125,000 In Cash, Gets Numerous Job Offers

Job offers and rewards continue to come in for the Fresno man who found a bank bag filled with more than $125,000 in cash and turned it into police. A humble Joe Cornell accepted the praise from executives with The Brinks Company, and thankfully accepted the $5,000 reward. Cornell says, "I'm so happy. You know you do the right thing and someone recognizes it." Last week, the 52-year-old says returning the money was the right thing to do. Cornell says, "I felt like it was a test for me. Hopefully I passed okay. I never had much of church or faith before since I came here to the Salvation Army I found it and ever since that happened I feel like I have a peace over me." Salvation Army Program Director, Kayo Loveless says he is proud of the man. Loveless says, "We are thankful that he is here and pray that he will continue on in his recovery and this is just one stepping stone for a lot of good things that God has for his life." The CEO of Virginia based, Stat Experts Incorporated, a medical transportation company saw the KMPH Fox 26 news story air on a Washington D.C. based station. David Frenzel and his business partner Allen Absalon say they were so touched by the story that they decided to give Cornell and his family another $5,000. Frenzel says he would also like to offer a job to Cornell once he graduates from the program. By the way, The Brinks Company also gave the Salvation Army a $5,000 donation.