Man Who Found Bag Of Cash Celebrates Milestone

The Fresno man who found more than $120,000 in cash and gave it back celebrated a milestone Wednesday night.Joe Cornell celebrated 6 months of sobriety!He also graduated from the Salvation Army Rehabilitation program.It's a program that helps both men and woman get off drugs and alcohol with God's help.In May, Cornell found a bag of money, which had fallen off a Brinks armored truck.Cornell says when he found the cash, his first concern was for others who could be hit with a loss.So, he gave it back.The company ended up giving him a $5,000 reward.Cornell says, "I learned humbleness and to surrender. That was something that was so hard for me because I wanted to do everything my way which didn't do me any good. I'd been using since the age of 14, I'm not going to age myself, but that's longer than a lot of you guys are alive."Cornell says ever since the day he found all that money and gave it back, he's felt a peace.As for his next endeavor, Cornell says he has an appointment with the Fresno County Probation Department.However, he wants to continue to follow the rules, stay on course, and get a job.Cornell says, "I'm going to sit down and go over my options with him. If he needs me to stay I'm going to do after care here, before I can accept any job offer. I look forward to the opportunity but I need to take one step at a time."Salvation Army Rehab Center Director Kayo Loveless says, "It's not going to be easy out there. But he's willing to take that chance and he knows he has to go to his meetings and find a good healthy strong church for himself. If he does that he will have a really good chance of maintaining."Cornell says, "My sponsor was here, we've already set up meetings I'm going to meet with him just going to continue as if I was here, but I'm going to be at home."We will continue to follow Cornell's progress.