Man Who Found $125,000 In Cash & Gave It Back Gets New Reward

Honesty does pay off, and sometimes it pays twice.Three months ago, we brought you the story of Joe Cornell.Cornell with just a dollar in his pocket found a lost Brinks Company bag with $125,000 in cash in it and returned every penny.Brinks Company gave Cornell a $5,000 reward for his honesty.Friday afternoon, KMPH Fox 26 News Reporter Erik Rosales presented Cornell with another $5,000 check from the CEO of Virginia based, Stat Experts Incorporated. The company is a medical transportation company.Owner David Frenzel saw our news story air on a Washington D.C. based station, and was so touched by it he decided to give Cornell another $5,000.However, Cornell still needs to finish a 10 month probation sentence here in Fresno.So right now, Cornell says, he's looking for a job.