Man Steals Back Pack & Computer From Elementary School Classroom

Parents of kids who attend Webster Elementary School in Fresno can't believe a man walked onto campus and stole a back pack and a computer belonging to little kids. It happened Friday afternoon.{}Police say it's not the first school 19-year-old Arick Cooper of Fresno visited Friday. Police say before the heist at Webster Elementary, Cooper was found walking on the campus of{} Tehipite Middle School , just blocks away. School administrators chased him off and called police. While police were responding to that call, the other call came in from Webster. Police say the Cooper was currently on probation for burglary. However, the back pack and computer were not found.{}Officers believe Copper{}hid it. The news came as a shock to some parents who picked up their kids from school. Julia Bracamonte says, "It's frightening that anything can happen. A child could get hurt, a child could get bothered, or a child could get taken." Police say they are now checking to see if Cooper can be tied to other burglaries in the neighborhood.