Man Loses All Four Limbs But Not His Spirit

Reported by Barbara Starr

A wounded veteran is moving forward and serving as an inspiration.

Retired Staff Sergeant Travis Mills lost all of his limbs while serving in Afghanistan, but as Barbara Starr shows us, now he's working hard to help other veterans who are in a similar situation.

Travis Mills is determined to shave time off his run on the treadmill, and he's doing it with no arms or legs. "How I survived I have no idea. Because I was yelling at the medic to get away from me because I thought I was gone, you know. I wasn't freaking out or nothing, just accepted the fact that this could be it," said Mills.

Travis lost all his limbs when an IED exploded under him in Afghanistan and he spent months at Walter Reed Hospital.

He quickly started living his motto: Never give up. Never quit. He would even bring his then infant daughter, Chloe, to his workouts. There was never any sitting around. "Oh, it's just too boring. Can't do it, sit around and stew about it. I mean I'm 26 you know? I got stuff to do so might as well just go ahead and do it."

Now he says it's all for Chloe and his wife, Kelsey.

Travis has a great attitude about his situation and the tools he uses today. "Look at this technology. How neat is it that you can lose both arms and legs, you can still walk. I'm running. I snowboard, I go downhill biking. It's wild," said Mills.

Travis also recently jumped out of an airplane with the Army Golden Knights Parachute Team.

He insists despite three tours full of firefights and his injuries, he does not have post-traumatic stress. He has a rare determination however. "I've put personal friends in body bags and they're not here. I am. How selfish would it be if I gave up," said Mills.

Travis is doing more than just living life He is even trying to buy a camp in Maine for wounded troops.

He knows public support for the war itself is in decline but he won't talk politics. "I know what I did over there meant something. I know my buddies didn't die in vain. The first time you go because you want the excitement. The second time you go because the guys you trained to your right and left you know they got your back. And the third time you go I had orders to go somewhere else, I had them canceled. I called up and had them canceled so I could go for the third time because I had a great group of guys. I did not want to leave them stranded. No way," said Mills.

But Travis does not want you to worry about him. "And then the wounded warrior thing, I'm trying to change that. I was wounded once I'll give you that, but I'm not wounded anymore.... 'Oh look at you, you're wounded.' Wounded means I'm still hurt. I'm not hurt, you know I'm fine. So once upon a time I was a wounded warrior, I'll give you that, but now I'm healed. So I'm just a guy living life," said Mills.