Caught On Camera: Man Destroys Cars At A Fresno Car Lot

A man is caught on camera doing a lot of damage at a Fresno car lot. However, it's not the first time the man has broken into the business. The owners of the central Fresno lot say the person who did it is known around the area for causing problems.

"We believe he did that on purpose," says Pedro Porras of Carz 4 Less INC.

Surveillance video from the lot captures every minute of the crime at Porras's family business. The suspect jumps the fence, falls and makes his way into the office where he steals car keys.

"He moved on to a tiny little Nissan and began ramming the fence," adds Porras.

The small car gets stuck in the fence. So, the man moves onto a larger car.

"He hit it a couple more times and there's more sparks," says Porras, "Finally, he gets stuck in the fence."

This isn't the first time "Carz 4 Less" has been targeted by the man. Porras says the man has broken into the car lot before. So, Porras installed 4 surveillance cameras to catch the man's next crime.

"The last couple of times he's stolen our computers, he's stolen the little place where we keep all of our keys and he's stolen one of our dogs," says Porras.

The man seen in the video is well known in the area and hangs around the car lot.

According to Porras, "AlI I know is he's a male prostitute on that corner."

Porras says the suspect's latest crime is his worst. Both cars are totaled. The damage is so severe that Porras will have to take a loss after the insurance payout.

"He didn't take anything, it was just all wrong and it's a big pain having him do this more than once," adds Porras, "Now, it's becoming very serious."

An alarm system is up and running at the car lot. {}If anyone tries to break in again an alarm will go off.