Man Dead After Fiery Crash On Highway 99

A man is dead tonight after his semi-truck crashed into a freeway overpass and burst into flames.

The driver was going north on the 99-freeway near the Chestnut exit.

Cal Trans crews spent most of Sunday morning cleaning up piles of metal, debris and the remains of the burnt semi-truck.

According to California Highway Patrol, the crash happened just after 8:15 A.M.

The driver of the truck somehow smashed into the overpass, causing the truck to burst into flames.

Officials said the fire destroyed the truck and killed the driver.

One witness said the driver was alive while the truck was burning.

Another truck driver stopped to help put out the flames, but wasn't able to rescue the driver.

The flames shot up high, and reached past the onramp near the chestnut exit.

The chaos closed the northbound portion for hours, causing major back-up.

Hours later, one lane finally reopened, letting cars slowly through.

Officials have not yet released information about the driver.

They continue to investigate to determine what caused the accident.