UPDATE: Doggy Door Prowler Identified

Thanks to Facebook friends and those who called Crime Stoppers, the "Doggy Door Prowler" has been identified.

23-year-old Tyler Dale Koflanovich from Kingsburg is now wanted in connection with the residential burglary that occurred in Southeast Fresno.

Anyone with information on Koflanovich is asked to call Detective Leibee at 621-6308. Or if you wish to remain anonymous you can call Crime Stoppers at 621-STOP (7867) where you can receive up to a $1000 reward leading to his arrest.


Fresno Police say a thief broke into a Southeast Fresno house using the doggy door. Investigators say the family was asleep inside the home when the burglary happened.


"It really creeps you out," says Betty Wright.

Wright has lived in her home for 40-years. She says there hasn't been a problem for decades.

"As far as crime is concerned it's quiet," adds Wright.

However, that changed on September 23rd when police say a man broke into the home Wright shares with her daughter.

"Even though you hear about it happening all the time and the idea that someone would come into your house while your there and sleeping is just unreal," says Dana Wright.

The mom and daughter say the thief broke in by jumping over their fence, going into the garage and crawling through the doggy door.

"I had a decorative gun holster and belt on the wall with a toy gun in it," says Betty Wright. "They grabbed that. They probably thought it was real."

Police say the thief also stole a car, a wallet and purse. Officers add that an ATM card from the burglary was used less than an hour later. However, no one knows how the thief got the pin number.

"I've never given my pin to anybody," adds Dana Wright, "Not my mother, not my sister, none of my friends, no one."

Since the break-in the Wright's have taken precautions to make sure no one ever gets into their house again. They've put up a surveillance system, added lights, they put in an alarm and they've done one more thing.

"Now our main protection is a 38-revolver with hollow points and they can come back if they want," says Betty Wright.

If you any information about the break-in you can call Crime Stoppers at 559-621-STOP. There is a $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest and no one will know you called.