Man Arrested For Stabbing Brother & Ramming Officer

A California Highway Patrol officer is lucky to be alive, after a man driving a stolen car rammed into his patrol car nearly head on.

The crash happened just before six Wednesday, on Highway 145 near Avenue 12 in Madera County.

However, Madera County deputies say it all started blocks away in an orchard near Highway 145 and Avenue 9.

Deputies say the driver of the stolen car stabbed his own brother-in-law, and then took off in his car.

Deputies say 24-year-old Leobardo Martinez is headed to jail.

Thankfully, the officer was not hurt.

As for Martinez, once medically cleared, he faces a number of charges. Deputies say felony charges, including using a car to ram into an officer, attempted murder, and stealing a car.

Madera County deputies say the 31-year-old victim stabbed was rushed to the hospital, but is expected to survive.