Man Beaten with Mallet; Arrest Made

A Fresno man is now in a jail after police say, he attacked another man with a mallet after a night of heavy drinking.

Officers were called to a home Sunday night on Cortland Avenue, near Maroa and Shields.

They were initially told a man was shot in the head.

They found a 30-year-old man who was bleeding from the head.

Moments later, they were called by 52-year-old Raymond Spencer, who told officers he was with two men at his home.

He told officers they had been playing horse shoes and drinking whisky. At one point, one of the men started to beat up on{} the other. Spencer then tried to split them up by grabbing a mallet from his garage and hitting one of the men in the head.{}{}

Spencer says the two men left, then returned and threatened to kill him. He says one used an axe to hit the front door.

That's when Spencer says, he went back into his hope and fired a round through his front door.

Officers recovered the axe, and mallet used in the case.

However, they determined the story was mostly made up, and arrested Spencer.

He was booked at the Fresno County Jail on one count of Assault With a Deadly Weapon

The man who was hit, is expected to be okay.