Man Accused Of Killing Wife Flees To Mexico, Then Surrenders

Gunfire takes the life of a young mother in the South Valley, and investigators say the man who pulled the trigger is her husband, who skipped the country hours after the shooting.

Porterville police found a woman, shot to death, inside her home early Sunday morning.

Three young kids were also in the house - they were not hurt.

Investigators say her husband left the home after the shooting, and fled to Mexico.

Police believe the shooter is 26-year-old Leonardo Nacoa.

Detectives were able to get a hold of him on his cell phone and convinced him to turn himself in.

Nacoa crossed back into the United States Sunday afternoon, and surrendered to federal authorities.

Porterville police went to southern California to bring him back to Tulare County.

Detectives have not said what may have motivated Nacoa to shoot his wife, 25-year-old Krystal Garcia Nacoa.

On his Facebook page, Leonardo Nacoa identifies himself as a former U.S. Marine and a graduate of Porterville College.

He now faces charges in connection to his wife's homicide.