Malaysia 370 Found? Search Ships Detect Signal

China's state news agency is reporting that{}a patrol ship in the Southern Indian Ocean has discovered a pulse signal that would match the type of signal a black box would put out.

On top of this, a Chinese Air Force plane reportedly spotted white objects floating in the water near the current search area.

It's been nearly a month since Malaysian flight 370 went missing, along with all 239 people on board.

This{}seems like a hopeful break in the search, but officials are not confirming those reports.

With all the false leads that have been put out, most don't seem to be pinning much hope on this latest find.

"this could be the best break they've gotten in this whole case, but now people doubt it," said Mary Schiavo, a former inspector general for the Department of Transportation.

Search crews are in a race against time to find the plane's black box. The batteries that power it could be dead within a matter of days.