Major Home Makeover For Clovis Vet Nearly Finished

For the past few days we've been telling you about a Clovis Veteran and his house in need of a makeover. {}{} Thanks to generous Valley businesses and volunteers his home is only days away from being finished.

Paint was flying on the outside walls fast and furious all Sunday.{} The home that became rundown while an Army Veteran from Clovis was off to war is getting a new look inside and out. Volunteers like Scott Motsencocker are making a difference.{}{}"Phenomenal. {} This is an organization that I wasn't aware of. {} What a worthy cause to work for disabled Veterans, disabled Veterans that are in serious need."

Out front paint brushes were going north and south on the trim.{} Justin Bond, a combat buddy with the Clovis Veteran has been working on this project for weeks.{}

He is the founder of Our Heroes Dreams, a group that helps wounded soldier and their families.{} "I'm tired but it's exciting to be able to help out one of our brothers that served in combat and needed a hand up real quick so we're gonna get in and get that done."

Inside things are looking up. {} The floors are now bare and ready for either tile or carpeting.{} Before that all of the walls will be getting a fresh coat of paint.{} All of those materials have been donated.

The list of needs has been trimmed to a few ceiling fans and light fixtures.{} There's also a heaping pile of trash that Justin Bond needs to have hauled away.{} "We do need some funding for it. {} We're deeply in the hole on this project but we have to get it done."

Bond was hoping to be finished by Tuesday because that's when the Clovis family has to check out of their motel.{} But now it appears all of the work won't be completed until Friday.

For more information on "Our Heroes Dreams" and how you can volunteer or donate go to{}KMPH dot-com and click on news links.