Madera Ranchos Student Stands Out In Food Drive

Thanksgiving is a{}time of year when Valley food banks sound the alarm for help.{} The Madera County Food Bank always needs to restock it' shelves and a second grade student from Sierra View Elementary in Madera Ranchos{}has answered the call since he was in kindergarten.

William Jackson is a{}standout student and he really cares about rounding up food for people in need.{}{}Jackson is a hustler when it comes to food drives at school.{} He's the reigning champ the past two years. {}

This year he's collected close to 600 cans and the drive doesn't end until next Wednesday.{} "Why do you do it?{} Because{}I want to help people, kids that don't have food."

Right now 1600 items make up{}a small mountain of food sitting in the classroom. {} William is responsible for more than a third of what's sitting in the room.

His principal Chris Imperatrice{}considers him a great role model.{}"One of the traits of character counts is caring. {} That's what he is. {} He's a truly caring kid. {} Everything he does is really just trying to help people out and really care for others.

William is a young man of few words but his Dad says he's willing to speak up for the Madera County Food Bank.{}{}"He started asking for donations. {} My mother-in-law, his grandmother, friends. {} He was at a golf lesson the golf coach gave him a donation and people just started donating money and he started buying more and more."

In the past few weeks William has bought a lot of green beans and corn from his donations. He's a caring young 2nd grader who's determined to make a difference for kids his age, who go to bed hungry. {}{}

The winning classroom at Sierra View Elementary{}is treated to a pizza party.