Madera Ranchos Hardware Store Rip Off Caught On Camera

Burglars last month broke into a mom and pop hardware store in{}Madera Ranchos and got away with some pretty expensive tools.

The owners of Hurst Hardware say they've noticed more crime in the area.

The Hurst's say even with their surveillance system, they knew it wasn't a matter of if, but a matter of when their business would be broken into.

"Basically, I knew exactly where they were headed," said Tom Hurst, owner of Hurst Hardware in Madero Ranchos.

Surveillance video of the June 19 burglary shows two men grabbing tools off shelves in the hardware store.

"They grabbed the most expensive tools they knew," Hurst said.

In the surveillance video the men are running back and forth. Hurst says they were piling tools and when the burglars were done they broke the back door and bolted.

"They knew what they were going for," Hurst said. "They were only here three and half minutes and they were gone."

A camera in the back of the building shows the burglars racing off in a dark pick up truck. However, Hurst says he thinks the two men may have been in his store before.

"They knew where my cameras were, somebody had come in here and basically looked around my store," says Hurst. "They knew where my surveillance was."

Since the break in it's business as usual at Hurst Hardware. However, the shelves that were once filled with drills, saws, and batteries are empty.

To make sure burglars don't steal from the store again, the Hurst's have installed a new lock at the back door. They spent a couple hundred dollars to make sure no one can make it in or out of the door again.

"It's too bad we had to do that type of preventative stuff you know to keep people honest, I would say," adds Hurst.

Something interesting the Hurst's say they noticed on the surveillance video is the burglars didn't take any money. The Hurst's say the men went straight for the tools.

Anyone with any information about the break-in, can call crime stoppers at 559-498-STOP. Your tip could earn you a cash reward.

Madera County Sheriff's investigators are searching for two men wanted for breaking into a Madera Ranchos hardware store last month.

The incident happened shortly after 4 a.m. on June 19 at Hurst hardware on Berkshire Drive.

Deputies say the back of the building was open and allowed the burglars to steal nearly $2,000 worth of tools.

The two men were gone by the time deputies arrived. But surveillance footage captured the men running through the aisles of the store and grabbing items off the shelves.

Anyone with information about the break-in and suspects involved is urged to call the Sheriff's Office at 559-675-7770 or CRIME STOPPERS at 498-STOP.