Madera Man Crashes Car Into Apartment Building

A Madera man on Monday lost control of his car and crashed into an apartment building.

Police say the man may have been driving out of the parking structure next door to the apartment building.

Latonya Nelson, who lives in the building, said she was getting ready to check her mail when she saw the car coming straight toward her.

"The next thing you know a car comes from the field and came straight through and missed us about an inch," Nelson said.

The Driver missed Nelson but crashed into the apartment manager's office. The car took down everything in its path including; windows, walls and doors. The manager had left the office momentarily to show a unit.

Neighbors rushed to the side of the car, inside was an elderly man. Neighbors say the man appeared drunk.

Madera Police and firefighters escorted the man to the hospital. He is being treated for minor cuts and bruises. Luckily, no one else was hurt during the crash.

Madera police say they will continue the investigation to determine if the incident was caused by drunken driving.