Madera County Murders Tied To Disturbing Trend

An example of a flyer used to promote so-called "fusion parties."

Deputies say the shooting death of an 18-year-old Madera man may be tied to a trend of local underground parties.

Two men in as many months have died while attending underground parties --called "fusion parties"-- organized by Madera County teenagers and young adults using social media, said Madera County Sheriff John Anderson in a news conference on Monday.

The most recent incident being the shooting death of Drakkar Lewis, of Fairmead, on Saturday night near Avenue 18 1/2 and Road 21, located just west of the Pilot Truck Stop.

Deputies say Lewis hosted a similar fusion party at a home in Fairmead where a 19-year old Chowchilla man was gunned down.

Last month, 19-year old Eleazar Iruegas, of Madera, was killed and two other men were shot during the party, deputies said.

On April 5, two Chowchilla men, 23-year old Antonio Michael Ybarra and 20-year old Jose Pulido-Perez, were captured on April 5 in connection to the shooting and now face murder charges.

Each of the murders have taken place in unincorporated areas of Madera County.

Organizers of fusion parties rely on social media, text messages and, in some cases, a flyer used to promote the party.{} In most cases, the only information included on the flyer is a phone number for potential attendees to call or text to find out the location of the party.

"These are children," Anderson said. "Some as young as 16 years of age and even younger. Anyone of them could have also been shot. As it is, two other young men were struck by gunfire when Eleazar Iruegas was shot and killed last month in Fairmead."

So far, no suspects have been identified in Saturday's shooting.