Made In Fresno: World Cup Teams Train On Keiser Equipment

Five World Cup Soccer teams have taken training equipment made in Fresno to the sports compound in Brazil.{}{}Team USA, England, Holland, Germany and{}Mexico all train on equipment made by Keiser Corporation in Fresno.Dennis Keiser's company has been catering to the training needs of athletes for 37 years.{} When England qualified for the World{}Cup team members insisted on Kaiser.{} "Their players play for teams that already have our equipment.{} The{}national team is made up of players from various teams.{} The players get to the national team and demanded that the national team buy Keiser."Keiser is no stranger on the professional sports circuit.{}{}All but one major league baseball team has Keiser equipment in their training rooms.{} That's because athletes want to train at full speed.{} "They're looking at being able to create a force at speeds they're going to be performing on the field.{} It's not like body building where we train a slow controlled speed."The stationery bike is the biggest seller for World Cup Soccer.{} Team Germany{}alone bought sixteen bikes.{} The price tag is $1900.{} Keiser has been around since the late 70's.{} Dennis Keiser calls the company's success rewarding because its' mission has been to change the way people train for performance.{}