Machete-Wielding Thief Terrorizes Sunnyside District

A bold bandit who packs a machete has homeowners on edge in Fresno's Sunnyside District.

His speciality seems to be surveillance cameras and this thief isn't camera shy.

Alexis Viengsay installed security cameras to keep an eye on her children when they play in the front yard.{} But she never thought they would become the target of a thief.{} She couldn't believe what her camera captured.{}

"It was Saturday morning about 2:30 when he walked in with a machete.{}{}A huge machete," she said.

Viengsay says crime is becoming an increasing problem in her neighborhood.{} She said the person who took her security camera has no regard for personal property. But it's his arrogance that bothers her.{}

"It is very frustrating," she said. "The crime rates are really band and they walk right in and he knows he's being videoed. I want to put this face out there."

After seeing the man and his machete, Viengsay says she's nervous and her 4-year-old son no longer wants to play in the front yard.{}

Her neighbor Steve Thomas, who installed the security cameras, said he feels violated by the incident.

"You feel violated when somebody comes into your yard especially stealing something. {} It just feels bad,"Thomas said.

Still, Viengsay is hoping viewers recognize the machete-wielding bandit and will call the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.