Lucky Man Survives Being Run Over By Train

He should've died on the downtown Fresno tracks after he was hit by a freight train.

But he fell on the tracks just the right way and cheated.

Firefighters say the homeless man stood on the tracks and watched as the train hit him head-on.

"Under normal circumstances that would kill you. {}Somehow his lucky number was up," said Koby Johns with the Fresno City Fire Department.

"He was able to get low enough the train went right over him. When it came to a stop he was underneath the locomotive, but he was uninjured," said Johns.

He says the train was going slow, about 8 miles an hour, when it ran over the man.

"We've had people survive, but most people will have lost a limb. But usually they're dead. It's pretty miraculous he survived," said Johns.

Firefighters warn people - don't think you would be so lucky.

A story like this is rare.

"The conditions were just right, that one in a million chance," said Johns.

The homeless man was able to crawl out from underneath the train on his own.

He was taken to the hospital to get checked out and later released.