Lottery Winner: Fresno Couple Scratches $1 Million Ticket

Many of us hope to land winning lottery tickets, but the odds are in the millions.

After trying her luck nearly every day, a Fresno woman can officially can herself a millionaire.

"Terrific, I'm a millionaire," said Devecchio when asked to describe how she felt.

Tuesday morning, Willy Devecchio won a million dollars on a California Black lottery scratcher.

Devecchio says she has been playing the lottery for years.

She visits "Elite Liquor" in northwest Fresno five, sometimes six times a week to try her luck.

She considers herself a pro scratcher.

She's won here and there in the past, including a thousand dollars once.

But Devecchio says, she never thought she would ever hold a million dollar ticket.

"It was in the stars," said Devecchio.

After she scratched the winning number, Devecchio says everything after that was kind of fuzzy.

"She threw it to me and said ... what does that say? I looked at it; I didn't know what to say. I said it looks like a million dollars," said Pete Devecchio.

It's a proud moment, the couple can enjoy any way they want, even if they are still speechless.

"They deserve it, they won it. She always says, Bob watch out we're going to win some money from here," said Bob Bhaurla, the owner of "Elite Liquor".

The stars also aligned for two other Fresno locals.

According to lottery officials, a thousand dollar ticket and $5,000 ticket were also claimed the same day.

"I feel very blessed; I don't know how to describe it otherwise. I just feel very lucky," said Devecchio.

The California Black game was introduced only a few months ago.

The Devecchio's say they're still trying to soak it all in.

They haven't decided how they are going to use the money.