Gamers, Stores Gear Up for PlayStation 4 This Week

If yourchild is suddenly hitting you up for 400 dollars, or your significant otherplans to hibernate this weekend, this could explain why.

The SonyPlayStation 4 goes on sale Friday at midnight, and some fans can't wait to gettheir hands on it.

Sony can'twait to reap the benefits, either. The gaming unit sells for $399, which comesout to $432.90 with taxes.

The PS4 does not include any games, so you will need to buy those separately, too.

Sony insistsit has an abundant supply of the consoles, and expects to sell three millionunits by the end of the year.

"This is a marathon, not a sprint, but gettingout to a nice start is a good thing," Jack Tretton told Bloomberg News. Trettonis the CEO and President of the company's U.S. computer entertainmentdivision.{} "We're very, very confidentwe're in great shape," he added.

The PS4 only includes one controller and it does not include the PS4 Camera, so as the video shows, you will need to buy the camera and any extra controllers separately.

This newmachine also features online capabilities, where people can access movies andTV shows.

Game Stop locations in the Central Valley plan to sell the consoles on a first-come,first-served basis. But a manager says that when locations have the same numberof people in line as their supply of PS4's, locations will begin to turn peopleaway. He says the stores traditionally host a party for the launch.

Best Buy plansto open at 12:01 a.m. on Friday to also accommodate shoppers.

You canread more on the features of the PS4 by clicking here.

Consider this the beginning of gaming insanity; The SonyPS4 arrives one week before Microsoft's Xbox One.