Little Girl Mauled May Be A Hoax; KFC Still Donates To Her

Remember the story about the little girl who was mauled by a dog and asked to leave a KFC restaurant because of the way she looked? Turns out{} it may all be one big hoax.

The three year old girl 's family claimed she was asked to leave the Jackson, Mississippi restaurant last week because other customers were bothered by the scars on her face.

But, according to the newspaper "Laurel Leader-Call" - insiders involved in the investigation say no employee ever told the little girl and her grandmother to leave. Furthermore, the newspaper says there are holes in the story including the location where the incident allegedly happened, and the order the grandmother said she placed.

KFC donated $30,000 to the family for medical costs, and apologized.

And so far - donations to the tune of $135,000 have poured in along with free cosmetic surgery.

But get this. KFC says it will *still* donate the money to help with the girl's bills - even if it was a hoax.

The Facebook page set up in Victoria's name has been taken down.

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