Lightning: How To Not Get Struck


This week alone... Four Canadian golfers were hit by lightning. One was seriously hurt.

And in the last decade, lightning has been responsible for an average of 33 deaths each year!

But, there are ways you can protect yourself.

Lightning can strike at any time - especially in the warmer months. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention says there are precautions you can take.

1.) Be aware know the forecast - especially if you plan to be outdoors. If thunderstorms are predicted, postpone the activity or make sure you can get inside if the storm rolls in.

2.) Go indoors! If you're out - get in. If necessary - get into a car with a hard top and roll up the windows. If you find yourself out in the open - crouch close to the ground in a ball and try to minimize your contact with the ground. Don't lie down. Lightning can cause electric currents in the ground that can be deadly more than 100 feet away.

3.) Separate! If you're in a group, getting away from one another will reduce the number of people hurt - should lightning strike the ground.

4.) Keep away from open vehicles, gazebos and dugouts tall things, like trees and metal poles can also be lightning rods. (So can fishing poles, baseball bats and golf clubs.)