Life Without Parole For Larissa Schuster

Larissa Schuster In Court During Sentencing

Fresno, CA- Larissa Schuster was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in a Fresno County Courtroom on Friday.

The Clovis Bio-Chemist, convicted of killing her estranged husband Timothy Schuster back in 2003 and dumping his body in a barrel of acid, stood expressionless before the judge as she learned her fate.

Schuster was handed the maximum sentence in the case. Judge Wayne Ellison, who presided over the trial told Schuster after the verdict was read that her attorneys were to thank for saving her life.

"This is the kind of case in which the jury may have very well imposed the death penalty it is true to say, and this court might have upheld the imposition of the death penalty; in light of everything Mr. Nuttall has said, it is true to say, he saved your life."

Schuster's attorneys did everything they could to prevent the sentence from coming down, spending the last five month since she was convicted be a Los Angeles County trying to get the verdict overturned.

On Friday, Schuster and her defense were handed yet another set-back when their motion for a new trial was denied. Schuster's attorney's say they will continue to fight on in this case, with the first step being filing an appeal.

Prior to the sentencing, Judge Ellison took into consideration the statements made by several people directly affected by the murder.

Larissa and Tim Schuster's daughter, Kristin, asked the judge not to be lenient bidding an emotional, and bitter, farewell to her mother. "You you have taken away one of the most important people in my life... But you have not ruined me, in your quest to become a domineering power freak, you have become your own demon. "

Larissa Schuster did not once turn around to look at her daughter, as she poured out her pain.

"I pray you are haunted every night by the sight and sound of my father fighting for his last breathing moments here on this earth. I hope you're haunted every night, by the horrific act of violence you have committed," Kristen said.

Nobody from Larissa Schuster's family, nor Schuster herself, made any statements before the judge handed down her sentence.

Friday's sentencing served as closure to many of those closely involved in the case.

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