Library for London: Project Needs Donations Now

People in the small Tulare County town of London, like to dream big.

Take for example Robert Isquierdo.

He grew up in in London, and now teaches in Santa Clarita.

But, since February, he's been returning to London twice a month.

"I'm not going to stop until this library is here," he says.

Isquierdo is spearheading the drive to bring a library to the town of about 2,000 people.

There is no school in town.

There are no doctors.

But Isquierdo, says that shouldn't stop locals from aiming high.

"Just to get along in life, you have to read," he says.

But, he is under the gun.

He needs to raise $10,000 by June second.

Dinuba Public Schools have donated a portable classroom to house the library.

But, it needs to be moved by June 2nd to make way for a construction project.

Otherwise, it will be demolished.

"When you see a building, it's undeniable that this is going to happen," he says.

So far, about 8,100 books have been donated.

Lockheed Martin has donated ten computers.

And locals, are putting their energy into the project, like Monse Hernandez.

The Dinuba High Junior has lived in London for the last ten years.

"Reading books about India, Russia, makes me want to go to that place, just to see what the author created. I want to be there," says Monse.

She says it's tough to check out books when school is not in session, and admits she's had her parents drive her to Reedley to access books.

She thinks Isquierdo's campaign is admirable.

"Getting out of here is hard. But for him to come back shows you how much he cares for it," she says.

Marty Graves, who staffs the Community Center in London adds, "For the younger kids, it will make a world of difference because the exposure to books, easy access and open up a whole new world.

"There's a whole world outside of London. Living in a small community like that, you miss out on it." She says.

The Tulare County Library Foundation is supporting the project, so all donations to the library for london are tax deductible.

To donateor learn moreclick here.